Spring Ephemeral Flowers at Little Buffalo State Park Newport PA

Take Route 34 exit off Route 322, go south on Route 34 through Newport, PA and just after a sharp bend in the road to the right (near the feed mill), turn right onto Little Buffalo Road. Continue for a mile or so and turn left onto State Park Road. Pass in front of the … Read more

First Blooming Yard Weed Pennsylvania Bittercress

I’ve mentioned before that Pennsylvania Bittercress, Cardamine pensylvanica, is already blooming. We saw it first blooming on March 19th, but I suspect the first flowers can be found blooming even earlier. (Photos taken 25 March 2010.) How do you know that it’s Pennsylvania bittercress? The characteristics that identify it include the shape and arrangement of … Read more

Pine Bush Sands and Native Lupines

About a half day’s drive northeast from here one would expect the flora to be somewhat behind in blooming. I observed several Spring ephemerals in bloom near Albany, NY whereas the same flowers were past blooming in my neck of the woods in Southcentral Pennsylvania. Here, in NY, periwinkle and common violets are blooming profusely … Read more