Yellow Downy Violets Bloom by the Creek

Yellow violets are fairly common around the same areas where you’ll see wild ginger, skunk cabbage and other creek-side flowers. Like other violets yellow violet flowers have five petals and a spur, so the blossoms are easily recognized as a kind of violet. As an aid to identification violets can be separated into two groups: … Read more

Jack-in-the-Pulpit Hides in a Thicket

Skunk cabbage leaves came out of the ground preformed like rolled up cigars at least a month ago and they seem to be getting bigger by the day. Heck, they are so big now you can easily see them from the road as you’re driving. Taking walks by the creek the last two weeks we … Read more

Sycamore Trees Line the River

Here we are anticipating the arrival of Spring-like weather. Late winter snows have covered the ground, but the sun that is stronger now is having an easier time melting the cold, white stuff. Snow has pulled away from the buildings yet there are still a couple of inches with a hard crust laying all along … Read more