Hepatica Blooming in the Sunny Woodlands

Hepatica waits for the first few days with sun and warmth in early Spring to show its pretty blossoms. At a time when practically nothing else is happening in the woodlands, it’s so rewarding, and a little surprising, to see such a delicate flower among the leaf litter. Over the last week we’ve seen hepatica … Read more

Spring Ephemeral: Hepatica americana

One of my favorite spring ephemeral flowers makes an appearance in woodlands of the Eastern United States during April. Hepatica americana, or just hepatica, is a perennial spring-flowering plant. Hepatica is a Spring Ephemeral because the plant grows, flowers and completes its life-cycle before the tree canopy is filled in with leaves. Once that happens … Read more

Snowy Crocus, Sunny Hepatica

April weather can be very exciting. On the first of April it snowed on our mountain ridge, to be followed in two weeks time by record high temperatures! Sometimes the plants don’t know what to do and put off growing or blooming until the conditions are better. My photos from last Spring show that we’re … Read more

Late Last Bloomers of Bloodroot and Hepatica

We all know a cardinal when we see one, so we can recognize the species and tell it apart from robins and redstarts. But can any of us profess to know individual birds? I would argue no – not without also observing behavioral differences or actions unique to the individual. Well, if we think about … Read more

Four-lobed Hepatica Leaves Show Individuality

In reviewing the many pictures I’ve taken of hepatica in the woodlands I found a couple instances where the leaves were four-lobed instead of three-lobed. Some leaves will have four rounded lobes instead of the typical three rounded lobes, although the fourth lobe seems like an afterthought. Chalk it up to individual variation. If you … Read more

Hepatica Flowers Close at Night

Round-lobed hepatica appears to bloom over a couple weeks time, with flowers coming and going according to the weather. Rainy, overcast and cooler weather hold back their blossoming. Like a lot of flowers hepatica blossoms close up at night, too. This daily opening and closing of blooms is probably related to changes in temperature. Springtime … Read more