May Bloomers and Bullfrogs

In the last week or so the high-pitched chirps of the Chorus Frogs and Spring Peepers have been replaced with bigger sounds. Bullfrogs down in the pond have been sounding off at dusk. We’ve been able to hear their “bud” calls drifting up the hill in early evening. That’s a sign that temperatures are warming up as we slide down the backside of Spring. In a month’s time the calendar will say it’s Summer.

The first two weeks in May we’ve seen the following wild flowers blooming:

Perennial chamomile and chives were blooming in the garden at this time.

3 thoughts on “May Bloomers and Bullfrogs”

  1. I thought you might like to know that some Indian Paintbrush is getting ready to bloom out on Matia Island. My friend got some nice photos of the stalks starting to show, they have not bloomed yet. I will get them posted at and hope to get some pictures of them all bloomed later this year.

  2. That’s cool, Sherrie. I’ll look forward to seeing your pics, so make sure to send us a link when they’re posted, ok?

    Nice site, by the way. Thanks for educating us on the plants and critters that are found in your NorthWest location as some are quite different compared to what we find in the eastern USA.

    Keep enjoying nature and keep blogging!

  3. Thanks so much for the compliment on our website! I find yours both entertaining and educational as well. I will be sure to post the pics when the flowers finally bloom along with my article on them and send the link to you.

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