Wintergreen Flowers in the Forest

Wintergreen profusely flowered during the first week of July in Central Pennsylvania. An early to mid-Summer bloomer.

Each flowering plant has one to several white, globe-like flowers similar to blueberry blossoms, but not in clusters as with blueberry.

Dangling Flowers of Wintergreen Blooming
Dangling Flowers of Wintergreen in Bloom

Flowers dangle singly by a red down-curved stem attached to the main stem. Looks like two or three in a loose cluster per plant.

Forest-dwelling perennial.

Evergreen, oval leaves are low to the ground in wintergreen or teaberry as it’s also known. The plant getting no more than a few inches tall.

Older leaves may have spots of maroon or turn almost completely red, and brilliantly so.

Wintergreen Shows Off Colorful Red Leaf
Wintergreen Shows Off Colorful Red Leaf

Wintergreen Colony in Bloom
Wintergreen Colony in Bloom

At the time these photos were taken 70 flowering plants were counted and several others were with dropped or unopened blossoms were noted in a 150 sq. ft. area.

This colony of wintergreen plants grows at the edge of the woods next to a driveway, but underneath oak trees.

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