Late May Bloomers in Central Pennsylvania

We’ve been busy in the garden as of late and there’s barely time to keep track of what’s blooming now. The following list includes roadside weeds and wildflowers that have been blooming for a week or more during the last two weeks of May near Central Pennsylvania. It’s still a great time to look for wildflowers and wild herbs out there.

wild roses
peas, snow peas in the garden
day lily
poison hemlock
common mullein
ox-eye daisies
daisy fleabane
white clover
sweet yellow clover
yellow small clover
purple clover
thyme-leaved speedwell
false solomon’s seal

Potted flowers from a nursery could include hundreds of kinds of bloomers. Our colorful annuals this year are yellow, orange and red marigolds and fruit-loop zinnias, as far as I can tell. Sometimes those little plant markers get tossed and then nobody can remember their names. They still make us smile, though!

What else is blooming in your neck of the woods?

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