Warm Weather Starts the Dogwood Blooms

The unseasonably warm weather, about 20 degrees above normal, has probably pushed the development of some plants a little faster than more typical blustery cool weather of spring. The last four days have been very hot in the afternoons, like 90 degrees or more, and the nights only down to 60 degrees. The cherry tree leaves developed quickly and the petals of the white cherry blossoms have mostly fallen away. The weather has been very warm, and windy, too.

Dogwood trees started blooming today. Pictures to come.

Rue anenome showing more individual plants than previous years down along the right side of the lane across from the raspberries by the pond. Violets out in large numbers at the pond and all along the lane. Most trees at least starting to bud out, the woods are getting greener now.

Moss peony has four blooms that have not yet opened. I’ve watered it in the evenings as after the first real hot day it was quite wilted by the afternoon sun. A rhododendron that gets morning sun is in full bloom, while a large one in the filtered shade of the trees has no blooms to show.

The purple tulips are open now for a couple days, but the white tulips (they’re planted together) are just now reaching their flowers buds higher, but not yet opening them.

A couple blooming wild weeds that I found in a neighbor’s lawn include the blue and white common speedwell and the purple gill-over-the-ground, which were both flowering profusely.

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