First Freezing Temperatures Last Night in Central Pennsylvania

The growing season has officially come to an end for 2007.

We had a hard frost last night. Lost a basil plant and a few pepper plants from the garden, but the lettuce was protected enough by the old storm windows we placed around the lettuce patch.

I think the bear was looking for something to munch when he/she visited us last night. Looking for food and eating it is about all they do this time of year. The hunters are out shooting up the small game, so the bears are probably moving around a bit more than they might without the hunters’ presence.

I’m sure the bear was here because a heavy planter, which is about a two foot cube, was knocked over on its side. On closer inspection we saw where a claw had punctured the plastic tub.

The dog went nuts this morning when he went out first thing and there’s no doubt he picked up some of that garbage-like bear purfume that was lingering. Not that I detected it, of course!

Without the windows open as it’s too cold now, I’m not sure when or how we’ll see that bear again but you can be assured that we stop and look out the windows every chance we get!

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