Cactus Flowers and Hibiscus

A neighbor has really beautiful cacti growing all about her place. I don’t know a thing about them to give them names. It is curious that some of them bloom only for one day, like these white cactus blossoms.

White cactus blossoms bloom for one day only.

White cactus blossoms are here for only one day.

A large stalk is sent up, the flower blooms, and then it’s done for about a month, storing up energy for the next blooming.
Two cactus stalks rise up before the flowers bloom.
Two cactus stalks rise up before the flowers bloom.

Portulacas, Sweet Williams and Hibiscus are all blooming in the heat of the summer.

Pretty hibiscus in pink.

Pretty hibiscus in pink.

7 thoughts on “Cactus Flowers and Hibiscus”

  1. What kind of cactus is this … i have on that looks very similar and took 10 years to bloom and looks like it is on pace to have 10 flowers this year!

  2. I have one of these. It took 12 yrs for it to bloom which it just did. Beautiful flowers I hope it doesn’t take another 12 yrs to do it again.

  3. Hey Denise,
    That’s cool! You must be in a warmer location than Central Pennsylvania. We have leaves falling to the ground everywhere you look today. It’s much cooler than cactus-blooming weather, I think.

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