Spring Snow Sticks Around

I certainly did not think I would be sharing any winter-like photos in April! This morning we were surprised by about a half-inch of the stickiest snow I’ve ever seen. Every blade of grass was covered to the full extent by the wet snow that seemed on the verge of melting.

Snow sticking to the grass this morning.

I do have to wonder about the health of the garden plants that are just sprouting out of the ground. Will they all survive the night’s cold snap? Surely, the little amount of snow won’t kill them — or will it? I was struck by the way the snow adhered to every surface this morning. Check out this little spruce tree with every square inch covered in white.

Little spruce tree covered with snow in April!

Perennials coming up in the gardens include spiderwort, clematis, hostas, french geranium, tiger lilies, hardy mum, butterfly bush, lamb’s ear, moss peony, purple coneflower, and blue false indigo. The maple trees are flowering and the buds of the top-most blooms of the star magnolia are opening up. The sassafras trees are not yet flowering, but their buds are getting bigger. The azalea bushes were greening up nicely and now are put on hold.

Will the little azalea flower this Spring?

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