Blooming Huckleberries and Pink Lady’s-Slippers

The Box Huckleberry Natural Area in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania has more than one special plant flowering in April. The Box Huckleberry, Gaylussacia brachycera, continues to bloom with many white, bell-shaped blossoms opening up to the warmth of the day. White blueberry-like flowers on the New Bloomfield Box Huckleberry. The huckleberry blooms are pink in the … Read more

Blooming Box Huckleberries in the Tuscarora State Forest

The morning of April 3, 2010 was a beautifully sunny one. We drove straight through Newport via the River Road where we saw some beautiful stands of Dutchman’s Breeches and they were flowering just profusely. They are really pretty with their little flower frond held high in the air. They made me stop and turn … Read more