Partridgeberry Forest Flower Twins

Partridgeberry, Mitchella repens, is a member of the Madder Family, Rubiaceae. It’s one of the plants that just make me think, “Forest Flowers.” You won’t find it growing anywhere else but in a forest or perhaps in a shade garden. Partridgeberry is native to the Eastern North America. The terminal white or pink trumpet-like flowers … Read morePartridgeberry Forest Flower Twins

Partridgeberry, a.k.a. Squaw Vine, Beautifies Our Pennsylvanian Woodland Paths

Partridgeberry, Mitchella repens, blooming along woodland paths in central Pennsylvania lends a bit of color to the brown forest floor. Dark green foliage, accented here and there with white or light-colored veins, still bears crimson berries left over from last year. Partridgeberry gives an evergreen feel to the mixed hardwood forests of Pennsylvania. The white, … Read morePartridgeberry, a.k.a. Squaw Vine, Beautifies Our Pennsylvanian Woodland Paths

Rattlesnake-Plantain and Partridgeberry in the Woods

We are fortunate to have a few native orchids on the property. It is a delight to take a walk in the woods and see these orchids growing in their natural habitat. Rattlesnake-plantain flowered this summer and all that is left are seed stalks. The rattlesnake-plantains are orchids with their white and dark green checkered … Read moreRattlesnake-Plantain and Partridgeberry in the Woods

Spiderwort, Partridgeberry and Tree Club Moss

Spiderwort blooms are quite attractive with the contrast of the yellow stamens and bright purple petals. Alas, they are only open in the morning and close by the afternoon. Spiderwort flowers have three bright purple triangular petals and six bright yellow stamens. Growth habit of the spiderwort plant shows the long parallel-veined leaves almost folded … Read moreSpiderwort, Partridgeberry and Tree Club Moss

Spiderwort Flowers Plentiful and Pretty

About five years ago we went to a Native Plant Sale held at Millersville University, Lancaster County, PA. We picked up two native plants, Wild Ginger and Spiderwort, Tradescantia virginiana. Wild ginger is much more plentiful in the wild, at least in the places we’ve looked. The wild ginger we planted has spread out a … Read moreSpiderwort Flowers Plentiful and Pretty

Trailing Arbutus Flowers Hide Among the Leaves

I remember reading about the Trailing Arbutus and that it could be found at the Box Huckleberry Natural Area of the Tuscarora State Forest in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania. When I took a day-trip over there on 3 April 2010, it took a while to find them. But I finally did! Near the entrance of the … Read moreTrailing Arbutus Flowers Hide Among the Leaves