Partridgeberry, a.k.a. Squaw Vine, Beautifies Our Pennsylvanian Woodland Paths

Partridgeberry, Mitchella repens, blooming along woodland paths in central Pennsylvania lends a bit of color to the brown forest floor. Dark green foliage, accented here and there with white or light-colored veins, still bears crimson berries left over from last year. Partridgeberry gives an evergreen feel to the mixed hardwood forests of Pennsylvania. The white, … Read more

Spiderwort, Partridgeberry and Tree Club Moss

Spiderwort blooms are quite attractive with the contrast of the yellow stamens and bright purple petals. Alas, they are only open in the morning and close by the afternoon. Spiderwort flowers have three bright purple triangular petals and six bright yellow stamens. Growth habit of the spiderwort plant shows the long parallel-veined leaves almost folded … Read more

Soloman’s Seal Smooth and False

This time of year the mint has filled an entire wall of the stone house, the returning lavender is getting ready to open its purple blooms, and the oregano has greened up nicely. The lettuce is just coming up in the garden, while the lilies are sending out their flower heads. The pink oxalis, which … Read more