Hellebores Under Snow For Now

The Spring Nor’easter has dumped quite a lot of snow in the Northeast USA. Records will be broken for the amount of snowfall in many places for this second day of Spring.

In Central Pennsylvania, at least up here on our mountain ridge, we’ve measured 12 inches and the snow is still falling but tapering off.

Hellebores Protected Under 12 Inches of Snow
Hellebores Protected Under 12 Inches of Snow

Way different than the 2 – 5 inches forecast yesterday.

Guess some Atlantic winds blew harder than expected.

Many places to our south bore the brunt of the storm and racked up more than a foot of snow. That’s a lot for locales not used to this upstate New York weather!

The temps are predicted to be in the low 40s for highs in the day and lows in the 20s at night for the next few days. The snow on the ground will become compacted before it lifts out of here.

And…for the hellebores? They’ll be ok. Hellebores like the cold and the snow has an insulating effect. We’ll keep a watch on how they’re doing.

Hellebores Heralding Spring for Central PA…Eventually

As I let the dog out in the backyard right then I knew a flock of Canada Geese was heading home on their Spring migration. I heard them first making quite a racket so I looked up and was overjoyed to see a huge V-formation of these impressive flyers. Spring!

A little later in the day I went outside to enjoy the fresh air. It was a gorgeous day yesterday with a pretty, deep blue sky.

Caught some really cool looking cloud formations with the sun bursting through. Kinda like how I’m feeling now!

Sun Peaks Through the Chatter in the Clouds
Sun Peaks Through the Chatter in the Clouds

Even though the chatter in the clouds foretold the winter storm that is on our doorstep, I didn’t let that ruin my day. This sunshine felt amazing although the temp wasn’t very warm.

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