Don’t Miss Shenk’s Ferry This Spring

As cabin fever hits we’re mapping out the places we’d like to go and see this Spring.

Blizzard Dropped 17 Inches of Snow
Blizzard Dropped 17 Inches of Snow

At the top of the list is Shenk’s Ferry Wildflower Preserve in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This is one awesome place that’s just so beautiful with many spring bloomers.

During April this forested glen becomes alive with color. The hillsides turn a bright green with new vegetation and flowers in bloom everywhere you look.

It can’t be overemphasized how beautiful Shenk’s Ferry Wildflower Preserve is! You just have to see it for yourself.

Download my copy of the Shenk’s Ferry Wildflowers Brochure — which is no longer available from PPL online as far as I can tell.

The Shenk’s Ferry Brochure shows directions to the site and names of the wildflowers that live there.

There is no parking area — people just park along the road near the entrance. Be prepared for some rough road as the gravel/muddy roadway isn’t maintained very well by PPL. Just go slow!

Trailhead Sign at Shenk's Ferry
Trailhead Sign at Shenk’s Ferry

Two years ago near the end of April we saw a group of students from a nearby college on the path. Their instructor was sharing her knowledge of the different flowering plants.

Walking on the path and drinking in the abundance of spring-blooming flowers is truly worth the trip to Shenk’s Ferry. If you go, let us know what your experience was like!

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