What to Do With Red Edible Sumac Berries

Oh, how can we use those collected sumac berries?

You can make a cold drink similar to lemonade and hot drinks like tea.

The berries can be dried and hung in the pantry for future use or ground up and put in a shaker jar for use as flavoring agent in any number of dishes where you normally use lemons or a spice like Lemon Pepper.

Videos Show How People Consume Sumac

..for cold and hot drinks

..for the wood used for making flutes and berries for “lemonade”

..for cracker bread and hot drink

..for lemon flavoring via blender and shaker (@ 8:20)

If you’re into the lemon pepper thing, try collecting some Field Pennycress or Peppergrass to add the peppery notes.

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