Flower Poetry Fridays: The Tears of April

Welcome back to Flower Poetry Fridays with Mrs. Sigourney. Each Friday a new poem will be posted from her The Voice Of Flowers.


Flower Queens with their Sparkling Smiles
Flower Queens with their Sparkling Smiles

"He who goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed,
shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him."

QUEEN of the opening year, who weep’st to take
Thy slender sceptre o’er a loyal clime,
Fearing a lot of royalty must wake
The wrinkle and the thorn before their time;

Be firm and hopeful ! for the sparkling smile
Shall kiss the transient tear-drop from thy
And in thy foot-prints spring with gentlest wile,
The blushing primrose, and the violet meek.

The snow-drop pure shall don its mantle green,
And balmy skies awake their favoring ray,
And heralds, bright with plumage, bless the
Who joins a tender heart to regal sway.

So go thou forth, with tears, thy precious seed
Sowing in lowly trust, for Joy shall crown the

The tears of April must refer to the April showers that bring us May flowers. But who is the Queen?

The Queen is likely a “mother plant” that provides seed to be sown for the next generation with her sparkling smile.

The last line I like the best where “Joy shall crown the deed” of sowing precious seeds. It reminds us of how flowering plants have their colorful “plumage” to look forward to as the plant is growing up. And then there will be seeds anew for bringing on future smiles!

Come back next Friday for the next installment in our series of flower poems from Mrs. Sigourney’s The Voice of Flowers, “Planting Geranium and Box on the Grave of an Aged Friend”.

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