Slow Start to Spring After a Wild Winter

Here in the Northeastern United States we are coming out of a brutal winter. Spring can’t come fast enough for most of us who are tired of shoveling snow and wearing so many clothes.

We’re promised another snowfall in a day’s time so it looks like we’ll ease into Spring instead of jumping right into warmer weather. It’s almost April so any snow that falls should be light in quantity. The farmer’s wife planted onions and garlic this week so the next snow we get can be called an onion snow.

The sights of robins in the front yard and swans flying due north are welcome sights indeed! Last week saw a number of Spring sightings. Skunks can be seen on the road or smelled from afar as they start moving around looking for mates. Seagulls have lighted upon the Susquehanna River and Juniata River. They seem to avoid the choppy wide-open areas and instead fly upstream and float back down to calmer pool areas. Canada geese made their way north in some really huge V-formations. Sometimes they fly so high that you can hear them long before you can see them as they migrate back home.

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