Plants Waking Up From Long Winter Nap

April 1st ushered in changes to the scenery around us here in South-central Pennsylvania. Spring blooming plants and trees are really starting to take off and other plants that bloom later in the year are shaking off their winter dormancy.

Forsythia shrubs are blooming in full with the sunshine showing their lemony yellow blooms. The sweet scent of star magnolia blossoms delight the nose from afar. In front yards everywhere you can see the yellow, orange and white of daffodils or narcissus blooms. Bradford pear trees are blooming white and magnolias are starting to open their heavy pink and white flowers.

Greenery of several plants are appearing —

  • yarrow
  • japanese barberry
  • wild rose
  • blackberry
  • virgin’s bower vine, down near end of lane
  • garlic mustard
  • mayapple buds emerging an inch or so, only saw two buds
  • touch-me-nots sprouted all along area where wild rose on lane is being cut back, next to elderberry

One plant that I was a little surprised to see coming up is Bee Balm or Oswego Tea. It was transplanted last year from being in a pot for two years, even overwintering in the pot! I was surprised to see it made it through the winter and didn’t get frozen solid while in the pot. Last Autumn the bee balm was transplanted out back on the west side of the woods before the weather turned too cold to dig. Here, it will get filtered morning sun and full afternoon sun. I wonder if all Monarda are as hardy and survive extreme conditions as well as this Bee Balm.

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