Ice Storms Coat Everything with Ice

We had more ice storms this winter than snow storms. When the weather was very cold, it seemed too cold to snow. I guess it was really too dry to snow very much. The ice can be pretty to look at, especially in the following days when the sun comes out and makes everything look sparkley.

What amazes me is how the ice seems to get to every little place and coat every twig and stem.

Icicles hang from all the tree limbs.

Icicles hanging from all the tree limbs. Photo taken 20Dec2008.

Ice drips all along the tree limbs.

Icy drips along the stems. Photo taken 20Dec2008.

Everything gets coated with ice.

Everything in sight was covered in ice. Photo taken 20Dec2008.

Pine trees are all iced up.

Even pine trees were all iced up. Photo taken 21Dec2008.

Every pine needle was coated with ice.

Every single pine needle was covered. Photo taken 21Dec2008.

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