Passion Flower Blooming in Full Sun

The Passion Flower blossom that opened the day before yesterday has now closed up, so the blooms are only open for a day or two.

Passion flower closed bloom on left and opening on right.

The bloom on the left is the finished one and that on the right is just now opening.

Passion flower blooming.

Notice the spikes at the ends of the sepals. Sepals are white on the inside, which make the passion flower appear to have 10 white petals.

I didn’t capture the action when the passion flower opened its blossom today, but it opened fast enough to shake the whole vine.

Open passion flower bloom.

Passion flower closeup.

Five elongated, yellow-orange stamens contrast with the dark purple and light blue fringe. The brown-tipped purple stalks are the stigma and style female reproductive parts of the flower.

Stigma and style of the passion flower.

The stigma are sticky tips of the stalks, or stigma, which are tubes that lead the sperm to the ovary – the bulbous, creamy white structure – where the fruit will eventually develop.

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