Icy Rorschach on Wood

Today’s weather could be described as topsy-turvy. Starting out with light rain the snow was disappearing slowly until the sun came out later in the day. We don’t have much snow left now, but what remains is changing over from hard ice to a slushy mess.

High winds had the trees really swaying, especially early on today. I’m still surprised how much the trees sway without any leaves on them. I would have thought the surface area of just the woody parts would not be able to catch the wind so well. Their swaying in the wind can sound quite loud! I never knew trees could be so animated until I lived among them.

Up here on the ridge the temperatures at ground level must have been near freezing, especially in the shady areas. On the north side of the house, which is in constant shade, we might have crusty snow all winter long until a thaw occurs.

The wind and the cold together made for some pretty cold wind chill temperatures, so when I let the dog outside to do his business he wanted back inside real fast.

Can we go in now, pretty please?

Can we go in now, pretty please?

It was then that I spotted these wild flowers growing on the deck. Of course it takes a little imagination, but I think Rorschach would be proud. What do you see in these icy images?

Shepard's Purse

Shepard’s Purse.

Dragon's Fern

Dragon’s Fern.

Lone Coconut

Lone Coconut.

Mossy Lichens

Mossy Lichens.

Fleeting Spagnum

Fleeting Spagnum.

It took barely an hour for my little icy formations to disappear into nothingness. Be on the lookout for more surprises from Mother Nature!

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