Time for Spring Ephemerals to Pop-Up in the Forests!

Early Spring brings with it many blossoms that are not seen at other times of the year. These early Spring bloomers are often referred to as Ephemeral Spring Flowers to describe their fleeting nature. Flowers may persist for a week or a day, so time is of the essence to observe these Spring Beauties!

Get thee to a National Forest or other trail near ya!

A partial list of early Spring blooming flowers in the Northeastern U. S. include the following:

  • trillium
  • hepatica
  • bloodroot
  • rue anemone
  • toothwort
  • spring beauty
  • Virginia bluebells
  • twinleaf
  • Dutchman’s breeches
  • dogtooth violet
  • Jack-in-the-pulpit
  • showy orchis
  • wild geranium
  • columbine
  • wood sorrel

We have three of these listed beauties on our property, but they have not yet been seen this year. Most of the others can be found at the nearby forest trails.

Have a look here to find a hiking trail near you! Try the PA State Parks if you’ll be searching for wildflowers in Pennsylvania.

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