Beginnings of Spring in Pennsylvania

Spring at last! Here in the Northeastern United States the outdoor temperature is starting to agree with the calendar.

A last hurray by Winter was about 7-8 inches of snow two weeks ago after some very cold temperatures in February. Today is expecting a mix of sun and clouds and high temperatures in the 60s. Time to open the windows and doors for a breath of fresh air!

Tulip greenery is pushing through the composted leaves used as protection against the harsh winter weather. A blast of warm temperatures a couple weeks ago started the tulips on their spring journey, so now the green tops are about 6 inches out of the ground.

Song birds are becoming more active. We watch them chase each other among the trees and wonder how they can twist and turn through the air so quickly. I suppose the males are chasing after the females, but it’s really hard to tell who’s chasing whom. The juncos are still here, but probably not for long before they fly back to Argentina. It’s nice to see bluebirds again!

Next to the house we have lilies sprouting. Notice the light green foliage with one leaf being sheathed by the previous one. Flowers arise on separate stalks.

Day lilies sprouting in very early spring.

Day lilies sprouting in very early spring.

Lamb’s ear rosettes from last year are becoming more noticeable now. Lamb’s ears get their name from the soft, downy leaves of the first year plant. The crowded rosettes will be transplanted to other areas so they will have room to grow into two to three feet tall plants.

Beautiful magenta lamb's ear flowers will brighten the flower gardens this summer.
Beautiful magenta lamb’s ear flowers will brighten the flower gardens this summer.

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