False Alarm

Well, if anything is true of late Winter it is that the weather is quite unpredictable. Last night an inch of light, fluffy, very dry snow covered everything. It was the kind of snow that squeaks when you walk on it. About mid-day most of the snow was gone, except for the shady areas.

So, Spring is not quite here yet and Mother Nature is making sure we are paying her attention. I captured a few snowy pictures, but the one I like the best is this image of last year’s sumac with a top coating of snow.

Sumac seed head under the snow

The raspberry vines that I said were already sprouting yesterday, are not vines at all. I was mistaken for it appears to be a sassafras stem that has started to sprout.

Buds sprouting early get caught under snow.

Time will tell for sure and I will update this when the leaves finally show themselves.

Spring is not far away!

Two days ago I spotted my first signs of Spring. I figured the lilies that poked through the ground a week ago next to the house didn’t really count, but when I saw the raspberry buds pushing out on Saturday I knew that the mild Winter was probably going to trade off with an early Spring. I could not see a flock of Canada Geese flying North, but I certainly did hear them as they coached each other to their frozen destination. A cold front was coming in later in the day and we were still on the warm side of it when the geese flew overhead. Wind blew hard that night the cold front came in and, again, we lost our electricity for a few hours until the winds died back.