Partridgeberry Forest Flower Twins

Partridgeberry, Mitchella repens, is a member of the Madder Family, Rubiaceae. It’s one of the plants that just make me think, “Forest Flowers.” You won’t find it growing anywhere else but in a forest or perhaps in a shade garden. Partridgeberry is native to the Eastern North America. The terminal white or pink trumpet-like flowers … Read more

Partridgeberry, a.k.a. Squaw Vine, Beautifies Our Pennsylvanian Woodland Paths

Partridgeberry, Mitchella repens, blooming along woodland paths in central Pennsylvania lends a bit of color to the brown forest floor. Dark green foliage, accented here and there with white or light-colored veins, still bears crimson berries left over from last year. Partridgeberry gives an evergreen feel to the mixed hardwood forests of Pennsylvania. The white, … Read more

Rattlesnake-Plantain and Partridgeberry in the Woods

We are fortunate to have a few native orchids on the property. It is a delight to take a walk in the woods and see these orchids growing in their natural habitat. Rattlesnake-plantain flowered this summer and all that is left are seed stalks. The rattlesnake-plantains are orchids with their white and dark green checkered … Read more